Research Capabilities

Part of the motivation behind Macquarie MindScan is to form a communication channel for researchers and clinicians alike to share their knowledge. The expert researchers and clinicians associated with Macquarie MindScan strongly believe we can make swift advances in research regarding disease diagnosis and management if we work together.

Through our research partners at Macquarie Medical Imaging, Macquarie MindScan is uniquely placed to translate research findings into clinical practice.  Macquarie Medical Imaging is at the forefront of clinical imaging and has a strong research focus. As such, research findings of Macquarie MindScan collaborators can be readily incorporated and validated within a clinical practice.

There are many aspects of research studies with which Macquarie MindScan can assist. These include:

Imaging Modalities

Functional Imaging

Structural Assessment

Trial Coordination

Image Analysis


Auxiliary equipment


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