Brain Tumours

Brain tumours are often initially diagnosed following unusual headaches, sensory disturbances (e.g., blurred vision), a seizure, or sometimes, striking changes in personality or behaviour.

Macquarie MindScan can conduct a comprehensive investigation, integrating information acquired through neuroimaging and cognitive assessment to generate an informed diagnosis. A CT scan will routinely be performed and may suggest or confirm a diagnosis. Further imaging with MRI or PET scans is often required, and neuropsychological assessment can be useful in characterising any changes in thinking skills or behaviour. Depending on the type of brain tumour, treatment might involve radiation therapy, chemotherapy or neurosurgical intervention. Neuropsychological review following treatment can provide useful information about any residual cognitive issues, particularly in regard to returning to work.

The patients of Macquarie MindScan receive the benefit of this unique collaboration of experts across multiple fields. The team at Macquarie MindScan are committed to sharing the knowledge acquired from current research techniques to generate an advance clinical examination. A focus of our current research is the development of advanced functional imaging techniques to improve delineation of viable tissue in cases of brain tumours and to differentiate early recurrence from the effects of radiotherapy or chemotherapy.


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